Fête Du Citron Ville De MentonFête Du Citron Ville De Menton
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Fête du Citron

A colourful and flavourful event

Menton has played host to a world-famous event during the second fortnight of February since 1934: the Fête du Citron® 250,000 people flock to the annual Lemon Festival, or Menton Carnival, to soak up the year’s new theme. Annual Menton Corsos, parades of citrus fruit floats, stand proud alongside the best carnivals in the world. A colourful and flavourful event!

Fête du Citron® 2022

See you from February 12 to 27, 2022 to discover the 88th edition of the Lemon Festival®. The theme of this year’s event is “Operas and Dances”!

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The Fête du citron®

The carnival’s roots

Back when people came to the Côte d’Azur’s mild climate to escape the cold winter, Menton’s hotels suggested the council host a parade to bring the town to life and entertain their rich guests. It was 1875 and the first parade won over locals, artists and hotel guests who wanted a bit of fun in the cooler months.

A world-renowned


The festival, which now lasts six days, took over the Biovès Gardens for its first citrus fruit and flower exhibition in 1936. François Ferrié was commissioned to design the lemon and orange floats and mainly 2D garden features. After the war, which saw the festival take a break, the sculptures filled out and went 3D. The parade became a corso in 1955 and gained an annual theme. The event went global in the 70s. The Orchid Festival was first held in 1984 and is still part of the Fête du Citron®.

Behind the scenes at

the Fête du Citron®

The Fête du Citron is attended by 240,000 festivalgoers. Up to 300 professionals are involved in organising the festival.

To meet the festival’s needs, 180 tons of citrus fruit are brought in from all over the world and 1,000,000 elastic bands are required. The fruit garlands used to be strung together on wire but are now held in place by elastic bands. Last but not least, 15 tons of metal are shaped to make the floats’ frames.

The Fête du Citron® 2020

"Festivals of the World"

The Fête du Citron®


The next Fête du Citron® will take place from Saturday February 12th to Sunday February 27th 2022.

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