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Bike rides

For all bike lovers

The Menton, Riviera & Merveilles is the perfect natural setting for fitness fans and a fabulous playground stretching from the sea to the mountain. This intimate haven brings cyclists and mountain bikers a whole host of environments to explore: the cool coastline, mid-mountain plateaus and upper valley mountain passes. Obviously there’s no need to be a pro to tear down the paths! No matter your ability, there’s a bike ride to make you “wheelie” happy.

Bike rides

with your family

If you want to take your kids on a cycling adventure then you need short and safe routes. 15-25km for little ones, up to 40km for bigger kids depending on their age and ability. Choose routes with a low elevation. Everyone can ride at their own pace, take their time soaking up the scenery and pepper the outing with breaks, visits or dips. If you want to go the whole hog then hit the quiet country roads.

Bike tourism

and outings

Bikes and mountain bikes are the independent traveller’s best friend as they allow you to explore a destination at your own pace, stop when you feel like it and get your fill of culture, architecture, crafts, food & drink or geology. Cycle and sightsee in tandem!

E-bikes:Take it E-asy!

If you want to explore the mountain without the effort then hop on an e-bike! With every pedal the bike’s motor increases the pace. E-mountain bikes mean you can go for longer rides on steeper slopes no matter everyone’s ability.

Mountain bike rides

Challenging trails

The area around Sospel is famous for mountain biking. Pro riders flock here to train every year. Smooth ascents on woodland paths, descents on challenging trails… This is the place to get your calves burning! There are more than 10 trails in this mountainous area.

To reach the Roya Valley
  • Roya Valley Access

    Having been severely impacted by Storm Alex, the Roya Valley and its villages are now ready to welcome you this summer! Road and rail links have been developed to offer you the best possible experience.

    Roya Valley Access