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Roya Bévéra
A unique conservation area

Unique! There is no better word to express the richness of the Roya & Bévéra Valleys. Nature has bestowed its beauty on this region through a wealth of flora and fauna, along with diverse landscapes running from the Mediterranean Sea to the highest alpine peaks. Situated in the heart of the valleys lies Mercantour National Park, a vast conservation area, offering exceptional hiking and walking, unlike any other. This is nature at its best!


The Train des Merveilles (The Train of Wonders)

Embark on a journey full of wonders!

The railway line running from Nice to Cuneo has served as a lifeline for over a hundred years. Crossing the valleys and mountains of Roya, the route is considered to be one of the most spectacular in the world. The Train des Merveilles stops at Sospel, Breil, Saorge, Fontan, La Brigue and Tende.
The dizzying overhangs and impressive gradients, running from the sea to the mountains, presented a huge challenge to engineers and architects. A hundred or so tunnels, some of which wind in and out, allow the train to climb to extraordinary heights. From this rugged terrain a natural beauty emerges, offering spectacular views from the top of the viaducts! This is a wonderful and authentic way to discover the villages in our mountain valleys! Climb aboard, the train is about to depart!

To reach the Roya Valley
  • Roya Valley Access

    Storm Alex hit our area hard on 2nd October in 2020. Please note that access to some Roya Valley towns and villages has been seriously affected.

    To ensure you have a great time, whether at mid or high altitude, we strongly recommend contacting the Tende Tourist Information service prior to your visit: +33 4 83 93 98 82 or

    Roya Valley Access

Mercantour National Park

a treasure to safeguard for future generations!

Mercantour Park is a conservation area, open to the public, and home to exceptionally diverse and rare varieties of flora and fauna. In terms of landscape, its unique character is due to the layered nature of its vegetation. From the Bévéra olive trees to the larch trees of the Valmasque Valley to the rocky alpine landscapes of Mont Bégo, for hikers, the journey is all about experiencing the scenery. In terms of plant life, over 2,400 different species have been identified. In springtime, multi-flowered saxifrages, houseleeks, moss campion and gentians offer a myriad of colours and scents to visitors. The park is home to a wide range of wildlife, including eagles, black grouse, mountain hares, and ermines. Hikers, keep your eyes peeled! Ibexes and marmots are easy to spot. All that’s needed is a little patience and silence. The things that magical childhood memories are made of.