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The Train des Merveilles

A Scenic Trip in a legendary train

Departing from the Mediterranean coast, the Train des Merveilles is a triumphant engineering achievement, and one of the most spectacular railway journeys in the world. It has been a favourite rail route among travellers (awarded the Italian “Lieu de coeur” prize) and has been criss-crossing the valleys and mountains of the Alpes-Maritimes for over 100 years. The line is a true technological feat in such a dense and rugged region, and stands out for its impressive series of engineering structures. At a time of soft mobility and a need to protect the environment, explore our wonderful region by embarking on this amazing journey…

An Extraordinary


Nice, 9.17 a.m. You’re on the station platform, setting off to discover the Alpes-Maritimes. You arrive in Tende at 11.24 a.m. Hurry! The train’s about to depart. Once comfortably seated aboard the air-conditioned train, enjoy unique panoramic views of the Paillon, Roya and Bévéra Valleys. Best of all, from May to October, on the morning service only, an expert guide will explain all about the region’s exceptional heritage.

The Train des Merveilles line is indeed recognised as one of Europe’s most amazing railway landscapes. Running from Nice to Tende, you travel through sumptuous scenery, spanning from the Mediterranean coastline to Mercantour National Park. Starting at sea level and climbing to an altitude of 1,000 metres over a distance of a mere hundred kilometres is what makes this line so special.


Learn more from an expert guide providing commentary along the route (in French and English). What’s more, it’s free (not including the cost of your ticket)! Available exclusively on the 9.17 a.m. service daily, from June to September, and on weekends and public holidays in May and October.

An Interrupted Line

Some of the engineering structures were destroyed during the Second World War to block supplies to German troops in the upper part of the Roya. The line was eventually fully reopened in 1979.

An Ode to


Right before your eyes, landscapes pass by, each one as breath-taking as the next. Marvel at the details of the viaducts and tunnels, villages and forests. At the end of the journey, you’ll be surprised to see that, despite Tende being at an altitude of 800 metres, the vegetation here has more of a Mediterranean feel with broom, lavender, thyme and endemic orchids still adorning the countryside with their fragrance. Most of all, you’ll love this enchanting escape from everyday life…. it is truly wondrous.

Roya Valley Access

As you probably know, Storm Alex hit our area hard on 2nd October in 2020. Please note that access to some Roya Valley towns and villages has been seriously affected. To ensure you have a great time, whether at mid or high altitude, we strongly recommend contacting the Tende Tourist Information service prior to your visit: +33 4 83 93 98 82 or tende-tourisme@menton-riviera-merveilles.fr.
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Thank you for your attention and we hope you enjoy your time with us.

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