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Adventure 5A Train Named Wonder

From village to village on the Train des Merveilles

In the Roya valley, there’s a magical train. Departing from Nice, the aptly named Train des Merveilles winds its way through the mountains to Tende. Whether perched high up or nestled in the hollows of the valleys, each village along the way is an escapade not to be missed. On the coast or in the heart of the Mercantour Park, this railway masterpiece weaves its way
between viaducts and tunnels to offer breathtaking panoramas of the high country.

DurationStartLevelIdeal season
2 daysNiceAccessibleMay to October

Why do we love it?

An extraordinary journey through one of Europe’s most beautiful rail landscapes.

Breathtaking panoramas with no effort at all.

Picturesque villages, hiking trails, museums, monuments, local craftsmen…

Day 1

Nice to Tende via Saorge

Your extraordinary journey through the Bévéra and Roya valleys begins in Nice. Board the Train des Merveilles and take your pick of stops along the way. Experience la dolce vita in Sospel, lose yourself in the olive groves of Breil-sur-Roya, but above all, don’t miss Saorge. This Tibetan-style village, clinging to the mountain, makes you want time to stand still. Stroll along its cobbled streets up to the Monastery, a real nugget. This listed monument, still inhabited, has been transformed into an artists’ residence.

How will you visit the village? The classic way with a guide, or the explorer’s way with My Explore Bag? This ingenious backpack will transform your visit. Challenges, quizzes, riddles, orienteering and observation questions – your visit promises to be memorable! Once you’ve finished exploring, take the train back to Tende and its Musée des Merveilles. Discover the natural history, archaeology, art and rock engravings of the Mont Bégo region. Stay overnight on site or in St Dalmas de Tende.

Day 2

The treasures of Tende

Benvenuti a Tenda! Can you smell it? The air in Tende is filled with the scent of Italy. This charming medieval village, built in tiers into the mountain, boasts a wealth of views over the valley. Whether you’re a lover of Baroque art or just curious, stop off at the Collégiale Notre Dame de l’Assomption. With or without a My Explore Bag, you won’t be disappointed.

Looking for a bit of height? The via Ferrata des Comtes Lascaris, perched above the village, is aerial but not difficult. Perfect for an initiation! If you prefer terra firma to ladders, monkey bridges and zip lines, opt for a hike. The short walk to Monument de l’Aigle (45 minutes) or the Boselia loop (approx. 3 hours) are accessible to all, and offer lovely views over the village.

Small gestures and good reflexes

Taking the train is always a good idea. On average, you’ll emit 30 times less greenhouse gases than if you travel alone in your car!

To continue in the right direction, take all your garbage with you, prefer water bottles to plastic ones, and opt for a small local restaurant.
It’s good for the local economy.

Our good addresses

La Fée Capeline in Tende

99 Av. du 16 Septembre 1947, Tende.

Restaurant La Margueria in Tende

19 Av. du 16 Septembre 1947, Tende

Lull Céramique in Tende

7 Av. du 16 Septembre 1947, Tende

La Petite Épicerie in Saorge

68 Rue Lieutenant Jean Revelli, Saorge