Visite Archélologique Des Gravures Des Merveilles Et Fontanalbe @charlie BuzenetVisite Archélologique Des Gravures Des Merveilles Et Fontanalbe @charlie Buzenet
©Visite Archélologique Des Gravures Des Merveilles Et Fontanalbe @charlie Buzenet|Charlie Buzenet

in the «Vallée des Merveilles» (The Valley of Wonders)

Engravings, Natural Beauty and Walking

The «Vallée des Merveilles» (The Valley of Wonders) is no typical hike. The magic of this place compels us to connect with its 5,000-year-old history. In this land where Bronze Age Man left his mark, visitors become entranced as they discover engravings, paying homage to deities of the mountain and the skies. This almost mystical journey can be experienced first hand while hiking, taking it at your own pace. Along the way, the ‘Sorcier’ (Wizard) and the ‘Chief of the Tribe’ are sure to light up the way…

The Engravings

of Mont Bégo

There are two distinct sites on either side of Mont Bégo which are home to some of the most spectacular engravings. These are the «Vallée des Merveilles» (The Valley of Wonders) and the Fontanalba site. Both are well worth a visit and together, form the magnificent archaeological site of ‘Les Merveilles’ (The Wonders).

How much time should I plan to spend

in the «Vallée des Merveilles»?

It’s up to you! Following the changes to accessing the site, as a result of Storm Alex, getting to the «Vallée des Merveilles» (The Valley of Wonders) requires a 1-to-2-night stay. Both sites offer a refuge where you can eat and sleep. A designated bivouac area is located near to the refuges (but bivouacs are not permitted in the conservation area of the engravings).

Where to stay

in the «Vallée des Merveilles» (The Valley of Wonders)

You can easily spend the night in the refuges on the sites, as there are several hiking trails around Merveilles and Fontanalba (such as the Mont Bégo ascent, the Grand-Capelet, and the Cime du Diable). Alternatively, visits to the sites can be included in a longer hike through Mercantour. In fact, the GR 52 runs through the «Vallée des Merveilles» (The Valley of Wonders).

Guided tours

and tours with commentary

To access the entire conservation area and the engravings located away from the authorised paths, you need to be accompanied by an official guide. Since 2018, Mercantour National Park has implemented a compulsory online booking system for both valleys.
Visiting the «Vallée des Merveilles» (The Valley of Wonders) with an expert guide will enable you to discover all the wonders it beholds. They will explain the different theories behind the interpretation of the engravings and take you on a journey in the footsteps of Mankind.
Following the impact of Storm Alex, we strongly recommend being accompanied by a guide, who can show you the most beautiful scenery and ensure you don’t take any unnecessary detours.

Visiting without a guide,

along authorised trails

Strict rules must be observed when exploring Merveilles and Fontanalba on your own. To prevent any damages, the sites are supervised and subject to special conservation measures. Free movement is only authorised along the GR 52 and on marked trails, which you are not allowed to deviate from.

To reach the Roya Valley
  • Roya Valley Access

    Having been severely impacted by Storm Alex, the Roya Valley and its villages are now ready to welcome you this summer! Road and rail links have been developed to offer you the best possible experience.

    Roya Valley Access