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Escape into the Gardens

Green spaces in the heart of the city

“My city is a garden” is a reality in Menton and the surrounding region, a haven of lush vegetation. Menton is a historical winter destination, benefiting from a mild climate, which has attracted countless botanists since the 18th century. Mediterranean, tropical and subtropical species coexist in the gardens and parks, each more unique than the last. These are genuine green spaces in the heart of the city for everybody to enjoy! 

Exceptional Gardens

The "Jardins Remarquables"

The gardens in Menton unveil a history that dates back to the 18th century. Attracted by the mild climate and the city’s popularity as a winter residence, botanists, especially English ones, introduced tropical and subtropical species that were wonderfully suited to the region. The legacy of this period is an array of magnificent gardens! Maria Serena, Serre de la Madone, Fontana Rosa, Clos du Peyronet, Val Rahmeh-Menton Botanical Garden and Les Colombières Garden are almost all open to the general public. Discover this botanical heritage through our guided tours!

Public Gardens

Green spaces in the heart of the city

Let the children enjoy a run-around, meditate, listen to the birdsong, and take a little break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life… Our public gardens and parks are real havens of peace. In Menton, the Parc du Pian is a wonderful playground of three hectares, planted with centuries-old olive trees. This olive grove is laid out in terraces facing the sea. It is interesting to note how the park is managed ecologically with sheep coming to graze every spring. Kids will love the mini-golf! The Jardins Biovès offer a beautiful 800-metre-long promenade lined with exotic species, sculptures and fountains. This is where the citrus motifs and the “Jardin de Lumières” of the Fête du Citron© are set up. In April, they also host the Festival des Jardins de la Côte d’Azur; in December, they welcome Christmas and its various events. Jardin Elysée Reclus, facing the sea, is the ultimate zen garden. Interestingly, the garden is home to a magnificent 15-metre high ficus macrophylla, which is more than a hundred years old. Don’t forget the Square des Etats-Unis which offers an educational botanical trail. In Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, take a cool break in the Parc Cap Martin. Among the centuries-old olive trees, you can find contemporary sculptures. Youngsters will love the play area while parents can enjoy the refreshment bar!

Exceptional Panoramic Views

In Menton, for the more active, the Ubac Foran nature park offers hiking trails and routes for mountain biking! In Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, there are two sites not to be missed: the Cros de Casté Nature Reserve and, 700 metres away, the Mont Gros Arboretum, filled with Mediterranean species as well as being a paragliding launch site. You’ll be amazed!

The Citrus Gardens

An invaluable botanical heritage!

A “Jardin Remarquable”, the Citroneraie estate, planted mainly with olive and lemon trees, is also home to an incredible variety of citrus fruits and other celebrated hybrids such as “Buddha’s hand” and Kaffir lime varieties. Over time, this private property has developed an exceptional ornamental garden of tropical plants including mango, camphor and cedar trees…There are no lemons in the Orangeraie! This magnificent palace garden, formerly the Grand Hotel of Venice, is home to orange trees, pomelos and Bitter Orange trees… Around the former summer residence of the Princes of Monaco, the citrus garden of Palais de Carnolès is the largest collection of citrus trees in Europe, with no less than 137 different varieties of this species, some of which are very rare, such as the Bitter Orange tree. A garden filled with treasures!  La Casetta, Menton’s city-owned orchard, offers an outstanding view over the Mediterranean! This garden of paradise continues the collections of the Palais de Carnolès garden, where 150 varieties of citrus fruits flourish on the hills above Garavan.