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Menton Old Town

A picture postcard setting

“Menton. The start of Italy is nearby, you can feel it in the air”, wrote Flaubert. The old town has a real ‘Dolce Vita’ feel to it. It is easy to get lost amid the narrow streets, stairways and leafy plazas, lined with brightly coloured facades in ochre shades. Within the ancient fortified walls, the medieval crossings and Baroque buildings around Saint-Michel Square reveal the importance of this rich history. And everywhere, absolutely everywhere, the brilliant blue of the Mediterranean makes its presence felt. A wonder for the eyes and for the soul!

The square in front of Saint-Michel Basilica

A theatrical setting

At the top of the majestic steps is the square, formed of stone walls bearing the Grimaldi family coat of arms, and the superb Baroque ensemble of Saint-Michel Archangel Basilica and the Chapel des Pénitents Blancs. Take a moment to appreciate the view overlooking the bay of Les Sablettes! The magic of this place is captivating! If you’re visiting with children, they’re sure to enjoy running around the square!

Note that each summer this theatrical setting hosts the Menton Music Festival one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world. An exceptional open-air musical experience!

Notez que ce décor théâtral accueille chaque été le Festival de musique de Menton, l’un des plus anciens et plus prestigieux au monde. Une expérience musicale exceptionnelle à ciel ouvert !



In 2006, no less than 250,000 pebbles from Menton were selected by hand and used to restore the ‘calade’, the traditional pebblestone streets with mosaic motifs.


A Village

In the heart of the city

It is impossible to come to Menton without paying a visit to the historic old town. From the Italian border to Cap Martin, your eye is drawn to an array of colourful facades. Wander through the network of narrow streets some sunlit and warm, others shaded and cool. Step back in time, from the Middle Ages to the Baroque period. A charm with Italian accents radiates from this place. Having climbed the majestic steps leading up to Saint-Michel Basilica, take a moment in the square. Enjoy the dramatic mood of this Baroque setting! The view overlooking Les Sablettes Beach and the old port is well worth the climb. From here, by following the narrow steps, you reach the Vieux Chateau cemetery, which dominates the site and offers a breathtaking view of the entire bay. A stroll into times gone by!

A Long Road

A little-known gem

A narrow street, lined with colourful facades, in all kinds of yellows and oranges. A few steps further, you come across a number of old-fashioned stalls, with softly lit lanterns. Shutters are opened at the first cool of the day, and laundry hangs out of the windows to dry. Time seems to stand still in these alleys. Artists’ studios appear to pop up all around. There is an atmosphere of yesteryear along this ancient Roman thoroughfare, running through the old town. The street is a long one and, between you and me, you might hope never ending. This is where you’ll find the real Menton!

How to get to Menton from Nice by train!

Comment venir à Menton depuis Nice ? En train !
Comment venir à Menton depuis Nice ? En train !
Comment venir à Menton depuis Nice ? En train !