Roquebrune Cap Martin Cap ModerneRoquebrune Cap Martin Cap Moderne Vincent Jacques
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In the footsteps of Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier

A remarkable example of 20th-century modern architecture, Cap Moderne brings together Eileen Gray and Jean Badovicci’s Villa E-1027, Le Corbusier’s Cabanon, the Etoile de Mer bar-restaurant and the camping units. A unique expression of avant-garde architecture inspired by the beauty of the place, the site also tells a wonderful story of friendship and artistic emulation, with Le Corbusier as the link.

Villa E-1027,

icon of modern architecture

Villa E-1027 is Eileen Gray’s first architectural creation, designed for her friend Jean Badovici. A veritable manifesto for a new housing model, the villa reinvents the seaside resort while preserving privacy. The flat roof, white and blue chromatic variations, tarpaulin blinds and reinforced concrete structure embody Eileen Gray’s signature.


Did you know?

Villa E-1027, a name in the shape of an enigma! E for Eileen; 10 for Jean’s J, the tenth letter of the alphabet; 2 for Badovici’s B and 7 for Gray’s G.

L’Étoile de Mer and Les Unités de camping,

a story of friendship

A project of Thomas Rebutato, a fishing enthusiast, back in 1949, l’Étoile de mer is a small bistro , accessible from the customs path along the coast, frequented by walkers and bathers picnicking on the Buse beach. The nearest neighbor? Le Corbusier, future friend of the family. Like him, we are seduced by Thomas’s murals, almost art brut, which express his love for the sea. A terraced garden leads down to the sea. Inclusions of colored caissons and pebbles, plantings of succulents express the bohemian personality of the owner of the premises.

Le Cabanon de Le Corbusier,

a cabin elevated to the status of a work of art

“On a piece of rock battered by the waves”, Le Corbusier built this intimate-sized wooden cabanon for Yvonne, his wife. The architect’s secret retreat for the last years of his life, it includes a work area, a resting area, a toilet area and a washbasin. It all fits into a square cell measuring 3.66 x 3.66 metres and 2.26 metres high, measurements borrowed from the Modulor. At the end of the garden, a workshop, a simple construction “shack”, two trestles and a whisky crate as a stool. Happiness is as simple as a shack!