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Menton Lemons

The Celebrated Golden Fruit of Menton

The IGP Menton Lemon is native to the Menton region and is grown on an exceptional terroir. The gentle climate and traditional farming methods ensure this local fruit’s unique flavour is highly prized by gourmets and top chefs.

Fête du Citron® 2024

See you from February 17 to March 3, 2024 to discover the 90th edition of the Lemon Festival®. The theme of this year’s event is “d’Olympie à Menton”!

Menton and the Lemon

An age-old love affair

Starting in 1341, the people of Menton increased their olive production and the first citrus fruits appeared. In the 17th and 18th centuries, citrus growing in Menton really took off: the first legal texts regulated this crop and the lemon trade. Lemon growing reached its peak in the mid-18th to mid-19th centuries. Some 35 million lemons were exported annually, mainly to England, Germany, Russia and even North America. The fruit then went into decline until it was revived in the 1990s, when it obtained its PGI in 2015.

Fun Fact

In 1671, the lemon became so important that Prince Louis I established a Magistrate of Lemons.

An Advantageous Climate

for the Menton Lemon

The Menton lemon flourishes thanks to Menton’s exceptional climate, with moderate conditions and a coastal environment. With the Mediterranean Sea nearby and natural protection from the northern winds, the Menton area benefits from a microclimate ideal for growing this golden fruit.

The Menton Lemon:

A renowned and protected fruit

Since 2015, this golden fruit has held the Protected Geographical Indication. This PGI is the result of a long process of recognition that aims to standardise production and enhance the image of Menton Lemons. It ensures that the link between the product and its terroir is maintained. This is also the only French lemon to have obtained this label of excellence.

Menton Lemons

Employed by some of the greatest chefs

This exceptional fruit with its unrivalled flavour has been acclaimed by top chefs, including Mauro Colagreco, chef at Le Mirazur, and Joël Garault, who has worked hard to obtain the label. Mauro Colagreco even joined the association promoting Menton lemons in 2019, by becoming a PGI-approved producer himself, thus moving from the kitchen to the land.

The Legend

of this Golden Fruit

If you get chatting with the locals, they’ll tell you a lovely story. A story about forbidden fruit. They’ll tell you that when Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise, Eve took with her, not an apple, no, no, my friends… Eve took a lemon, oh yes, a lemon… Adam, who was afraid of divine reprisals, asked her to get rid of it, but for Eve, no landscape seemed worthy of the golden fruit. And then people will tell you how enchanted Eve was when she reached the Bay of Garavan, how enchanted she was at the sight of such a lush, rich, green land, just like her lost paradise. And they will eventually reveal that it was in the land of Menton that this golden fruit was buried. And, that all the lemon trees you see on the terraces, are proof of this…