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Les Halles Market

An exceptional venue in the heart of the city

Strolling through the old town’s steep narrow streets, I gradually head down towards the sea via the impressive steps from Saint-Michel, the ‘calade’ pebblestone stairway leading to the Quai de Monléon. Between the fishermen’s port and the Baroque quarter, at the foot of the city’s beloved Campanin bell tower, you’ll find a wonderfully vibrant, bustling venue. Les Halles Market is the hub of life and gastronomy in Menton.

Marie-Laure shares her experience. 

A Building

steeped in history

Standing opposite this impressive building, I look upwards. At the top of the facade, I spot a hem-like multi-coloured ceramic detail which was produced in the Saïssi factory in Menton. Across the top of the porch is the date 1898. This is “La Belle Dame” era, featuring wonderful colours, and as vibrant as ever. Surrounded by impressive palm trees, marking the years, the place feels warm and welcoming with its appealing rich ochre and green shades.


In 1873, Joseph Saïssi founded his tile business, Les Faïences Saissi. Very quickly all the major architects were working with his products. At Les Halles, it was Adrien Rey, the building’s architect, who commissioned this wonderful array of bricks and ceramics. In Menton, Saïssi ceramics were used to decorate the Riviera Palace, the Winter Palace and the Orient Palace. In 1925, the company even received a gold medal at the Universal Exhibition of Decorative Arts.

Enjoy Fresh Produce

all year round!

Les Halles Market is open every day until 1.00 p.m. Around forty producers offer their wares in and around the market hall. Note that on Mondays there are fewer traders.

A True Temptation

to feast your eyes!

Outside, I’m drawn to local producer’s stalls by their fresh, colourful displays. I can’t resist trying the local culinary specialities such as lemon tarts, socca, barbajuans and other types of pies from Menton. Never mind the kilos, my taste buds are tingling. Don’t tell a soul but I set about sampling and taste just about everything! I’m sure you’d do the same!