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Menton and its Coastline

Menton and its Coastline

Breathtaking scenery, picturesque villages and an abundance of unspoilt natural beauty! In Menton and all along its coastline, the mountains seem to plunge into the sea. From this “Pearl of the Riviera” to its hilltop villages, the history of the region is always present. A gentle pace of life, beautiful untamed landscapes, a rich historical heritage, and a little taste of Italy… Everything you could wish for in one place. It’s like paradise!

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Our Must-see Attractions

There’s so much to discover on the Riviera!

Menton and its coastline offers unforgettable experiences all year round. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an art lover, a culture fan, or simply want to relax, there’s something for everyone. We have picked out our favourite attractions and places for you to enjoy. To get the best out of your stay, take a look at our selection!


A city of art and history

Artists have always loved Menton, from its Baroque Saint-Michel Basilica to the architects of the Belle Epoque hotels, not to mention places shaped by the influence of Cocteau and exceptional 19th-century botanical gardens. Their legacy is a remarkable architectural and botanical heritage. As a result, Menton is forging a history that is both mindful of its past and focused on the future. A historically significant destination, the city boasts an exceptional heritage, which earned it the “Ville d’Art et d’Histoire” label in 1991. Experience history for yourself in Menton!

The Riviera

and its hilltop villages

Connecting the sea and the mountains, along the coast, on rocky spurs, these traditional hilltop villages provide breathtaking views and a delightful setting to enjoy during your stay on the Riviera. As you climb up from Sainte-Agnès to Gorbio via Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Castellar or Castillon, you will discover the history of these hillside villages. Featuring medieval settlements, the Baroque route, the Merveilles Valley, the culinary delights of the valleys, this slice of history is one not to be missed!

La Dolce Vita

A touch of Italy

There is a certain “Dolce Vita” feel in the air in Menton. This is a gentle energy that encourages you to relax, enjoy a stroll and take in the scenery. Could it be the beauty of the gardens, the Italian feel of the old town and its cobbled streets, the deep blue colour of the sea, or the ochre shades of the facades? I don’t have the answer, but one thing’s for sure. You need to come here to experience it for yourself, feel the city’s pulse, and let this gentle way of life wash over you. Are you ready?


“Yesterday, in Menton, amidst the gardens, I listened to the birds awakening. The early morning breeze was rustling through the palm trees […]. Under my window, a long bed of violets, which the sun had not yet touched, was blooming in the dew, under brilliant yellow mimosa, the colour of chicks.”

Menton Lemons

The essence of our terroir

Legendary and emblematic of Menton, with exceptional aromas. In Menton, lemons are treated like royalty. In February, Menton devotes two weeks of colourful festivities to La Fête du Citron®. This is the event of the year, not to be missed! Thanks to Menton’s mild climate and its outstanding production, the lemon was awarded a Protected Geographical Indication in 2015. Employed by the greatest chefs and in gourmet dishes, it truly expresses the character of our terroir, bursting with sunshine, a hint of sweetness and a wonderfully rich flavour! To be enjoyed in abundance…

Menton Beaches and the Coastline

An exceptional natural heritage

The beaches stretching along the coast, from Menton to Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, offer breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Crystal-blue waters, sandy and pebbled beaches, fresh water submarine springs, where Mother Nature beholds her most beautiful and precious treasures. From natural, unspoilt beaches around Roquebrune-Cap-Martin to more relaxed and easy-to-reach ones around Menton, you’re sure to find your favourite!

The Ports of Menton

Gateways to the Mediterranean

Situated at the foot of the old town, this small Mediterranean fishing port, known as Vieux-Port, is home to both fishing and recreational boats, blending tradition and contemporary styles. There is still a fresh fish market, which is very popular with locals and restaurant owners in the area. In the centre of the Garavan district, Port de Garavan is one of the largest along the French Riviera. In addition to providing outstanding professional services, it is also the nearest departure point for recreational boats heading to Corsica, Sicily or Sardinia. Are you ready to set sail?

Where to Stay

in Menton and its Coastline