La Brigue Notre Dame Fontaine Chapelle Sixtine Pango VisualLa Brigue Notre Dame Fontaine Chapelle Sixtine Pango Visual
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Notre‑Dame des Fontaines

The Sistine chapel and its legendary springs

A painted chapel surrounded by nature. One-of-a-kind paintings radiating energy and larger-than-life characters form the heart of this surprising masterpiece. These 15th century frescoes tells us a story where every detail has its place. They are the best-preserved in the region. This unique gem overlooks its springs and is a real eye-opener known as the “The Sistine Chapel of Alpes Maritimes”.

Enigmatic frescoes

in Notre-Dame des Fontaines

When you first see it, you couldn’t imagine how beautiful it is inside. But you’re in for a trip back in time. This chapel in La Brigue is full of surprises. The artists Canavesio and Baleison bring us a sight for sore eyes. Their 15th century frescoes are a holy comic strip from floor to ceiling… It covers 220m²: surprising, captivating, moving.

Picture stories

These frescoes tell the tale of Jesus’ life. There’s everything you’d expect of a comic strip with scowling bad guys and dimpled good guys. The simplistic features helped make their mark.

The legend of

Notre-Dame des Fontaines

One day, La Brigue’s springs dried up, possibly after an earthquake. The villagers couldn’t water their fields anymore so they promised to build a chapel devoted to the Virgin Mary if she brought water back to their countryside. A miracle happened, the springs started to well up again…

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