Breil Sur Chapelle Sainte Catherine Drone De RegardBreil Sur Chapelle Sainte Catherine Drone De Regard
©Breil Sur Chapelle Sainte Catherine Drone De Regard

Art and inspiration

Land of inspiration

A land of art, a land of creation… the Menton, Riviera & Merveilles destination is an inspiration. A warm climate, beautiful valleys, incredible light and the blue sea, everywhere. A land that artists have flocked to and drawn inspiration from to write, paint, film or build. Their emotions have conjured up artworks that have formed a legacy… Uncover this unrivalled artistic heritage for yourself!

Art in chapels and churches,

unlock the secret to religious art

Have you heard that the Alpes-Maritimes has its own Sistine Chapel? How about Roya Valley’s International Organ Festival? Or the altarpieces at Saint Martin Collegiate Church in La Brigue?

Religious art is a unique treasure in our area. Our beautifully decorated little chapels and churches will send you to seventh heaven. Step inside and see for yourself!


fuelling emotion

Inspiring, exciting, moving… Uncover the incredible Baroque movement for yourself, on the coast and in the valleys. Les BaroQuiales Festival is the place for live music fans! The festival also hosts plays and Baroque dances in the stunning Sospel Cathedral deep in the Roya-Bevera Valley. Ba-Roque out! If you’re looking for an artistic sign from above, seek out Baroque in the churches and chapels! Meditate, elevate and resonate in baroque…

NB: Les BaroQuiales Festival schedule changes

Due to safety measures, some festivals may be cancelled or their schedules may be changed.