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Visiting a protected site

Rules and precautions

The «Vallée des Merveilles» (The Valley of Wonders) and Mercantour National Park form two superb, unspoilt, yet naturally vulnerable areas. While they represent an invaluable resource for Menton, Riviera & Merveilles, protecting them is crucial in order to continue to jointly benefit from their stunning landscapes and rare species.

Mercantour: A National Park

protecting nature

Mercantour National Park boasts an exceptional range of rare, local flora and fauna. There are a total of 8,951 animal species and 2,067 plant species. This magnificent conservation area was created in 1979, with the aim of preserving the region’s natural heritage, cataloguing its flora and fauna, monitoring endangered species, and reintroducing extinct ones… However, it is also up to each and every visitor to follow a few simple steps in order to maintain this natural balance.


without causing harm

The rules that apply in the National Park are essential to ensure that public authorities can fulfil their responsibilities and that the park can benefit from its protected status. The rules in the area are very specific. The majority of human activities that could be detrimental to heritage conservation are regulated (such as traffic and construction) or prohibited (such as hunting).

The rules are as follow:

No engines

No traffic circulation or parking of motorised vehicles (including cars, motorbikes and mopeds) within the park. No pollution or noise except on roads open to the public. Enjoy breathing in fresh clean air and marvelling at the birdsong.

Keep quiet,

nature is at work!

Any noise and disturbances likely to upset the peace and quiet of the surroundings are strictly forbidden. This restriction applies in particular to the use of sound devices such as radios and portable CD players with built-in speakers.


For more information about the rules that apply in Mercantour, visit the official park website.

No camping allowed

Head for the refuges

Every night in the park, nature takes over, which is why, regardless of whether you’re in a tent, a car or a camper van, camping is strictly prohibited. However, bivouacking is allowed between 7pm and 9am, within a 1 hour walk of the park boundaries.

The «Vallée des Merveilles» (The Valley of Wonders):

Special rules

To avoid damaging any vegetation, or, degrading and contributing to soil erosion, straying off the marked trails is strictly forbidden. And, naturally, you are not allowed to walk on the rock engravings or to touch them in any way. Hikers, refrain from using walking sticks with metal or rubber tips to avoid damaging the ground or rocks.

To reach the Roya Valley
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