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Mercantour National Park

Mercantour National Park: a breath of fresh air

Located between the coast and the mountains, Mercantour National Park is an outstanding alpine destination, boasting large mountain pastures, crystal-clear lakes, protected larch woodlands and a diverse variety of flora. Mercantour National Park is a peaceful haven, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, and home to an abundance of wildlife for hikers to enjoy, as long as they are prepared to take their time. You can’t fail to fall in love!

Mercantour National Park

full of things to see and do!

Take a look at the park’s fun-packed programme! During the summer season, there is no shortage of things to do. All as appealing as each other, in addition to its incredible biodiversity, they hold the key to what makes this park so special. Follow the trails of the park’s animals, observe birds of prey and bats, see films about the park’s wildlife and geology, and enjoy listening to tales and legends under the stars… Youngsters will have fun observing and drawing these amazing creatures. And best of all? Hiking off the beaten track with experienced park guides, who can reveal the treasures of this natural world.

Fontanalba Valley:

The Voie Sacrée (The Sacred Way)

Just as impressive as its neighbour the Vallée des Merveilles (The Valley of Wonders) , Fontanalba is located in the heart of Mercantour National Park. With rural landscapes and wonderful flora including orchids, lilies, gentians and anemones, the area is a paradise for those who appreciate nature in its purest form. Picture chamois and ibexes perched on jagged rock faces, and marmots peeking out from the midst of spring flowers at the Gias des Pasteurs. All along the Voie Sacrée and open to the sky, a vast reddish stone can be found, displaying rock engravings from the Neolithic period. No, you’re not dreaming! This place really does exist and is waiting to be discovered!

The Valmasque Valley

lakes, waterfalls and larches…

The majestic Valmasque Valley with its lakes of many colours! Walk through a setting filled with magnificent larch trees providing shelter. On reaching higher ground, the scenery opens up and the Valmasque refuge comes into view, blending perfectly into the lunar landscape of the Lac Vert. Mountain goats, who rarely shy away, regularly come with their young to drink from its waters. And if you’re adept at moving without making any noise, marmots may even come up to greet you. A magical experience! But, be warned, it’s easy to lose track of time here!

To reach the Roya Valley
  • Roya Valley Access

    Having been severely impacted by Storm Alex, the Roya Valley and its villages are now ready to welcome you this summer! Road and rail links have been developed to offer you the best possible experience.

    Roya Valley Access

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