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Drop Anchor: Authentic Ports of Call

With its two ideally situated ports for recreational boats, the city of Menton opens widely onto the Mediterranean Sea. Sheltered from the north winds and just a stone’s throw from Italy, Vieux-Port and Port de Garavan are charming and authentic, and sunny places to visit all year round! Whether you are a yachting enthusiast or simply love the sea, Menton is a great place to drop anchor!

Vieux-Port of MentonPractical Information

Along the quay, sailors can find all the services they need, including the harbour master’s office, a free launching ramp, Wi-Fi, fresh water, electricity, washing facilities, a careening area, a cleaning point and a laundry. A nearby car park is available for sailors.


Enjoy buying freshly caught fish at the local fish market. Great fun in a lively atmosphere!

Port de GaravanPractical Information

At the quay, sailors will find all the services they need, including fresh water, electricity, washroom facilities, parking, WI-FI, a supermarket, laundry, supplies, a ship chandler, shipyard, crane, cleaning point, video surveillance, night security, restaurants and a pharmacy.

All specialist nautical shops can be found here, including ship chandlers and repair shops.

A launching crane, managed by the harbour master’s office, can launch vessels weighing up to five tonnes. Its shipyard welcomes vessels up to 50 m long. The port is reserved for boats less than 40 m long. Please note that the maximum vessel depth is 3 m.


Ever since 2017, marking the 50th anniversary of Port de Garavan’s creation, sailors have been greeted by a magnificent statue of Neptune, the Roman god of the sea.

Access to the Ports in MentonPractical Information

For yachtsmen, there is reserved parking at both ports. A shuttle bus is available to take you to your mooring.

For walkers, the Vieille ville-Sablettes car park is the most practical solution. Route 1 on the Zestbus network has several stops between the two ports.