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Our Must-see Attractions

Must-see Attractions In Menton and along its coastline

Our must-see attractions, our top recommendations, and our favourite places for discovering the real Menton! Stroll through the city, sample the local produce, and absorb its rich history… There’s so much to discover here that we thought you might like some friendly advice.

Menton Old Town

The beating heart of Baroque

It’s wonderful to lose yourself in the old town’s quiet, narrow shaded and sunlit alleyways. Discover the history and soak up the Baroque ambiance, the beating heart of the old town. Having climbed the majestic steps leading up to Saint-Michel Basilica, take a moment in the square! Enjoy the dramatic mood of this Baroque setting! In this area, colour is paramount where blue shutters are set against the ochre shades of facades and the ever-changing blue of the sea… This is a true picture-postcard setting!

Esplanade des Sablettes

A colourful promenade in Menton!

In an exceptional setting, facing the sea, Les Sablettes is a place where Menton residents, of all generations, love to meet up. Sixty remarkable trees form an exotic botanical walkway ranging from kapok trees from Paraguay to coconut trees from Chile. Take a stroll at any time of the day, sit on a bench facing the sea, or relax on one of the sun loungers… Enjoy a refreshing break by the fountains or vaporised water spray. At the foot of the steps leading up to Saint-Michel, cross the magnificent pebblestone pathway, a replica of the one on the square in front of Saint-Michel. An authentic Menton promenade!

The Trophy of Augustus

2,000 years of history to admire

The first point on the incredible Via Julia Augusta is the magnificent Trophy of Augustus. Erected around 6 B.C. in honour of the emperor, it can be seen from far and wide. The closer you get, the more imposing its immense columns, made from white limestone from La Turbie, become. On one side, which has remained intact, the names of the 45 Celto-Ligurian tribes of the Alps, that Augustus rallied to the Roman Empire, are still visible. Classified as a ‘Monument Historique’ in 1865, it provides a key insight into the history of the region.


The Trophy of Augustus once overlooked a sanctuary dedicated to Heracles Monoikos, from whom Monaco takes its name. From its balcony, the Trophy of Augustus offers a breathtaking panoramic view, stretching from Italy to the Gulf of Saint-Tropez!

The Maginot Line Fort in Sainte-Agnès

A fort built like a submarine!

At an altitude of 800 metres, the Fort of Sainte-Agnès occupies a strategic position. As the last bastion in the south, it prevented the Italians from infiltrating the coastal region. This underground city is dug out of the rock and is buried like a submarine under the village, at a height of over 55 metres, equivalent to a four-storey building. The fort, which is beautifully preserved, provides an insight into the secrets and technologies involved in defence. With a constant temperature of 12°, it’s best to plan your visit on a hot day!

The Cocteau Effect

 The Musée du Bastion and Wedding Hall

In 1955, Jean Cocteau fell in love with the town of Menton, leaving a lasting impression of his creative and avant-garde energy. To show his affection for the city, he left behind two magical and legendary sites: The wedding venue and Le Bastion. The Jean Cocteau Museum/Séverin Wunderman Collection (currently closed) is the most fitting tribute Menton could pay to the Prince of Poets. Three cultural sites not to be missed to discover Cocteau’s impact on Menton!

The Fête du Citron®

An unmissable event

Menton has played host to the world-famous event, the Fête du Citron®, since 1934 which is held in the second fortnight of February each year. 250,000 people flock to the Lemon Festival, or Menton Carnival, for this annual celebration. The Menton parades of citrus fruit floats, rank alongside some of the best carnivals in the world. A colourful and flavourful event!

Menton Lemons

A love of citrus

The Menton Lemon is a golden sweet and sour fruit that has become an icon of our region, and is highly-prized by some of the greatest chefs and gourmets. Since 2015, it has held the Protected Geographical Indication. What makes it so special? There are no chemicals used after harvesting and no wax is applied. It can therefore be eaten raw like an apple. The lemon’s zest, pith, pulp and juice can all be consumed!