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The Cocteau effect

Cocteau and Menton, true love

Jean Cocteau fell in love with the town in 1955 and his creative avant-garde energy left its mark on Menton. He left the town two magical and legendary sites as a keepsake: the wedding venue and Bastion. The Jean Cocteau Museum/Séverin Wunderman Collection is the most fitting tribute Menton could pay to the Prince of Poets.

Uncover the Cocteau effect as you explore Menton!

The Jean Cocteau Museum:

Séverin Wunderman Collection

The municipal museum devoted to Jean Cocteau is home to the Séverin Wunderman collection.

NB: the museum opened in 2011 but is currently closed due to storm damage in October 2018.


Take a break at the museum café on the forecourt. Relax with a coffee and drink in panoramic views of the museum, market, sea and old town as the children let off steam on the forecourt where the cobbled lizard lazes around…