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Adventure 2Lemons and Wonders

Discovering Menton’s hidden treasures

Menton rhymes with Lemon, but not only. The town has more than one trick up its sleeve. Today’s little Menton explorations will awaken all your senses. First, the must-try IGP lemon. Discover its varieties, cultivation secrets and gourmet ideas at the growers’. Then, the bay. Embark on a trip on the waves until the sun sets. You’ll see that, from the Mediterranean, Menton is even more beautiful. A veritable rainbow of facades!

DurationDepartureLevelIdeal season
1 dayTranquilWinter

Why do we love it?

Lemons, the must-have emblem of the town of Menton!

A colorful and fragrant day that awakens all the senses.

Enriching encounters.

Step 1

A tangy morning

How is a treasure cultivated? In Menton, two institutions in PGI lemon production explain and open their doors to you. Maison Gannac, in Laurent and Adrien’s home, or Ferme des Citrons in the hills above. Guided or not, allow at least two hours for each visit.

La Ferme des Citrons

Menton’s largest IGP lemon farm hides in the hills above the town. The sea in the distance, a delicate lemony scent, olive trees and even, a forest of giant avocado trees, you’re plunged into a tropical atmosphere.

Maison Gannac, la Maison du Citron

At the Gannac home, the Menton lemon is at home. Passionate citrus growers for generations, Laurent and his son Adrien are citrus nuts! In their orchard, they share their growing secrets, unveil their know-how, share their commitments and let you taste jams, limoncello, olive pastes or terrines.

Step 2

A gentle afternoon

You’ve spent the morning crabbing, now it’s time to indulge in a little peace and quiet. First amid the subtle fragrances of the Carnolès garden, then lulled by the waves of the Mediterranean aboard the Brigantin.

The Palais Carnolès garden

In this sumptuous location, the Princes of Monaco had their summer residence built. Today, it boasts the finest collection of citrus trees in Europe. Admire, smell and stroll through this little haven of peace, where citrus fruits and curiosity are cultivated. What is a kumquat? How old is a sour orange tree? The guided tour will turn you into a real citrus specialist! If you’d prefer to stroll freely in the shade of century-old lemon trees, that’s perfectly possible.

Menton from the waves

A little blue was all that was needed to complete the picture. Immediate boarding at Menton’s old port, on the Brigantin. Your ship and its captain, an emblematic figure of Menton, will be waiting for you. Head for Cap Martin, the Bay of Menton and the Bay of Monaco. A simple but precious moment, made magical at sunset.

Small gestures and good reflexes

In the orchard, as in the garden, it is forbidden to pick flowers or fruit, or to harvest plants. Beware: some plants may be toxic. In accordance with the posted rules and instructions, avoid sitting on the lawns or leaving garbage anywhere other than in the garbage cans.

Good to know

Menton’s orchards are steep, so remember to wear sneakers or good walking shoes.

Our good addresses

Au Pays du Citron

Boutique : 22 Rue Saint-Michel, Menton

Ferme des citrons : Information at the tourist office or the Au Pays du citron shop.

Maison Gannac

Fine grocery store: 10 Rue Saint-Michel, Menton

Domaine and nursery: 2970 Route de Super Garavan, Menton

Huilerie St-Michel

5 rue Bréa, Menton