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Fortifications and military heritage

Meet the mountain watchmen and a forgotten border

A unique horizon, turbulent history, the need to defend and protect our area all helped build an outstanding fortified heritage.

A prime


The region’s prime location with direct links to the Italian border and Mediterranean access made it a never-ending theatre for battles and wars of influence. The late 19th century saw fortifications begin to appear on strategic defensive lines given the growing tension between France and Italy.

Milestone events

1873-1884: the Séré de Rivières forts were built

1927: Remplas fort was founded, the Maginot Line prototype

1931-1942: the Italian Alpine Wall defensive system was built

1932-1940: the Alpine Maginot forts were built

June 1940: Battle of the Alps

June 24th 1940: France and Italy signed the armistice

A vibrant

military legacy

The area’s vibrant military legacy has left it with all kinds of fortified buildings whose architecture depends on their period, function, materials and weaponry. They mainly span from the coast to Authion in France and the Col de Tende in Italy.

Four types of fortifications

dotted all over the area

The Fort Route

experience outstanding fortified heritage

Explore our region’s outstanding fortified heritage for yourself. Whether you’re a history buff or just want to find out more, visit these bygone gems. You won’t be disappointed during your outings, hikes and travels! Pick up information about the Fort Route from Tourist Information and on our website.