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In the Roman's footsteps

Fantastic ancient heritage

The Romans left countless reminders of their glorious Empire in the Menton, Riviera & Merveilles area. Some of the finest examples are the Trophy of Augustus and Via Julia Augusta. The region’s fantastic heritage has made it what it is and is now integral to the setting and local culture. It’s heaven for history buffs.

The Trophy of Augustus

Symbol of imperial glory

The old border between Gaul and Italy lies at the top of Monaco. This is where you’ll find the 35m high Trophy of Augustus. It celebrates the Empire’s unity and power after Octavius, Caesar’s nephew and the future Emperor Augustus, finally defeated the 45 Alpine clans. It was built near a sanctuary devoted to Hercules Monoikos and brought the future emperor closer to the gods.

More than

just a road

The French and Italians have breathed new life into the world’s most famous transborder Roman road which is now protected like an ancient jewel which dazzles history buffs. It runs through the French Riviera Community via La Turbie, Beausoleil, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin and Menton. Via Julia Augusta is now one of the themed roads that introduces you to the history of our region.

Col de Tende:

an important passageway

Despite its altitude, the Southern Alps have always been a major passageway for people as it forms a natural border between the Italian Piedmont and Alpes-Maritimes region. Col de Tende lies on a direct path between the Po Valley and Mediterranean coast and has been one of the best-known transalpine routes in the region since the Middle Ages.

A trip to the museum

Find out more about the Roman settlement on Col de Tende with a trip to the Museum of Wonders in Tende.

To reach the Roya Valley
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    Storm Alex hit our area hard on 2nd October in 2020. Please note that access to some Roya Valley towns and villages has been seriously affected.

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