Restaurant Sainte AgnèsRestaurant Sainte Agnès
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Local flavours

Dishes that tickle every tastebud

The ultimate in Mediterranean cuisine alongside mountain dishes with Italian influences, welcome to the Riviera’s food and drink scene! When it comes to cookery, it’s all about the produce! Local produce is celebrated among farmers, at the market and village fêtes. Gluttony is no sin here!

Our culinary gems,

a feast for the senses

Olive oil, Menton lemon, sun-drenched vegetables and seafood on the coast; mountain cheese, chestnuts, game and mushrooms in the valleys. Classic dishes between the sea and mountain capture history, multiple influences and our local bounty. Barbajuans, pichade, poutine, sugelli to name but a few… Staple dishes that are big on flavour and low on ingredients. But what ingredients! My mouth’s already watering!

Our markets,

when life gives you lemons!

Our markets buzz with atmosphere and warmth. They capture our heritage and create a bond with the product. The weekly or daily markets attract foodies to get together and get inspired! Flavours, colours, aromas, you senses are alive… People come here for the warm atmosphere and locals who bring the market to life. Get your basket ready and follow me!

Our producers,

celebrating the local area

If you want to get to know our local produce then you need to meet our local producers! Fruit growers, olive growers, beekeepers and cheesemongers all respect and love their land. Meeting them is your opportunity to get to grips with their trade, techniques and flavours. Chat to them at their place of work or village festivals!