Famille se promenant dans une ruelle de MentonFamille se promenant dans une ruelle de Menton
©Famille se promenant dans une ruelle de Menton|Franck Barbier


Unleash your inner culture vulture

The Menton, Riviera & Merveilles area is jam-packed with culture! Join our guides who hold the secrets to our land, or go it alone and explore the museums, exhibitions or Baroque Adventures in the Alps. There are all kinds of ways to get your fill of history and heritage!


tours and classes

If you’re a history buff or nature lover then explore our local heritage your way: on guided tours or fun-filled classes for inquisitive minds. Go with the flow, you’re in good hands!



Do you love opening the gate into outstanding parks, breathing in their fragrances and learning their secrets? Join Menton’s tour guides and visit the best seaside parks. An extraordinary sensory voyage!

Baroque Adventures

in the Alps

Looking for an experience that will ba-roque you? The Baroque Adventures are for you. Artistic events, tours and stays drenched in baroque: these adventures are all about innovation and originality. Don’t lift a finger! We’ll take care of everything.


and exhibitions

Soaking up culture means visiting the museums and exhibitions. They’re open all year round to everyone and there’s no better way to experience the incredible history of Menton, Riviera & Merveilles!