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Baroque Adventures

The baroque world

The Baroque Adventures project is run by the Facim Foundation and designed by CARF (French Riviera Community). They’re suitable for all ages and revive the different facets of the baroque world throughout the Alps area. These outings run through the Menton, Riviera & Merveilles destination and provide an innovative dialogue between contemporary artists and baroque heritage to visit or revisit this amazing treasure deep in the valleys.

Baroque Adventures in the Alps

Baroque secrets

The Baroque Adventures in the French Riviera are part of the inter-valley and inter-regional project Baroque Adventures in the Alps, led by the Facim Foundation, which brings together the territories of the Pays du Mont-Blanc, the Hautes Vallées de Savoie and the French Riviera.

B-roads, for teenagers,

baroque heritage on your smartphone!

Calling all teenagers: pick up your digital backpack and keep your smartphone handy to explore the baroque world. The app designed by British artist David Michael Clarke enables players to collect baroque heritage features along a specific trail. It’s off-the-wall and good fun! Two trails: Tarentaise and the Roya Valley. The digital trail is available on paper for younger children.

Explore Baroque

with the family in a flash

Collegiate Church

Notre-Dame de l'Assomption





Baroque Adventures

a selection of adventures unearthing the Alps' hidden baroque gems!

On foot, by bike, by bus, for a day, stay or outing, the Baroque Adventures will sate your appetite for experiencing the unexpected. A diverse and original range of one-of-a-kind baroque experiences!

To reach the Roya Valley
  • Roya Valley Access

    Storm Alex hit our area hard on 2nd October in 2020. Please note that access to some Roya Valley towns and villages has been seriously affected.

    To ensure you have a great time, whether at mid or high altitude, we strongly recommend contacting the Tende Tourist Information service prior to your visit: +33 4 83 93 98 82 or

    Roya Valley Access