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Heritage tours and classes

Unlock "The Pearl of France's" secrets

Menton is listed as a Town of Art and History and bursting with incredible heritage. Join knowledgeable tour guides to unlock “The Pearl of France’s” secrets. Learn the history of the old town: its baroque church and tall colourful houses. Many artists stayed at the Belle Epoque palaces designed by famous architects (Garnier, Glena, Marsang, Rey, Tersling etc.). Don’t miss out on a trip to the wedding venue decorated by Jean Cocteau or join the Heritage Department to explore outstanding parks in all their glory!


for children

The Heritage Department provides fun-filled educational activities in partnership with the Youth Department during half-term. These playful educational classes bring crafts, classic cookery and architecture to life so children have fun learning! Mini masterchef classes introduce kids to Menton’s signature dishes. Also on the agenda: learn traditional weaving, unlock the secrets of perfume making and make your own soap. Exciting experiences that bring heritage to life!

Cultural family outings:

unearth the town's treasures

Learn the secrets of Menton’s history with the Heritage Department’s tour guides! Find out about historical gems, architecture, artists who made their mark on Menton and landmarks such as the Town Hall wedding venue, Jean Cocteau Museum, Belle Epoque palaces and outstanding parks! The European Heritage Days in September open the doors to exceptional sites that are usually closed to visitors!

National Architecture Days

National Architecture Days come to Menton in October. The annual festival puts the spotlight on the town’s architecture past, present and future. The festival is packed with events, concerts and kid’s classes!