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My Explore Bag Adventure

One day or one week

My Explore Bag is a backpack with everything you need to explore Menton, Riviera & Merveilles. A series of fun-filled challenges await: test your sense of direction, observation, answer multiple choice questions, decipher codes and solve puzzles. Everyone can get involved!

Join family, friends or fly solo to solve the puzzle in each village with your Explore Bag.

Experience recommended

by Sophie

Highlight 01

What's in the bag?

You can’t wait to solve the Explore Menton, Riviera & Merveilles puzzles and your heart starts to pound when you’re given your Explore Bag.

Take time out to look at what’s inside the adventure bag before you set off.

Trouser braces, a promotional tarp bag, bits of rope for the strap… This bag is definitely upcycled. Sustainable tourism? Check!

Your inner explorer awakens as you scour the bag’s contents… Coded documents spark your curiosity, there’s a telescope so you don’t miss a thing, a photo album to travel back in time, a map to get your bearings…
Everything you need to unleash the adventurer that lives inside you!

Highlight 02

Solve the first puzzle

Let’s go!
You and your map stand in front of the first point of interest. The village’s first puzzle appears on the phone. Everyone gets their thinking caps on.
We all have our own talents, some people scour the surroundings for helpful clues whilst others dig around the bag to find the puzzle page that will help overcome the challenge.

It’s time to make a decision and let the team have the final say.
3, 2, 1… The team’s answer is in. The game cheerfully tells you how you’ve done and gives you a little anecdote… You’ve just worked out the first of many puzzles!

Highlight 03

Explore the building before you

The puzzles spark your curiosity. You surprise yourself by looking for the detail you’ve never noticed before: a date, a painting, an explanation… Children and adults alike get involved in the fun.
The answer may not be on the outside but it’s somewhere. Use the items you have to hand to travel back in time. It’s the little things that make all the difference!

Your digital guide makes you laugh, as do the anecdotes! Sometimes even the weird answers are funny.
Even the kids can’t wait to visit the next village. You’ve done Sainte-Agnès, now it’s time to make your way to Sospel!

Highlight 04

Use your compass to get your bearings

Now it’s time to use your sense of direction.

Hold the compass flat in your hand and guide the arrow (in the middle) towards your destination. Once the magnetic needle falls still, gently turn the orange dial to align the red needle with the north. You can see which direction your destination lies on the black dial.

In the end, the compass isn’t as tricky as you think! Visiting a place really is child’s play with My Explore Bag!

Highlight 05

Nail the challenge

You’ve solved all the puzzles in the Menton, Riviera & Merveilles towns and villages.

You’ve pulled off the challenges at each point of interest (with flying colours) by using your sense of direction and observation, answering questions and gathering all the clues you need to solve the final riddle.

You’ve carefully jotted them down in your explorer’s guide to ensure your team’s success.

Now you can go home with the local map and your explorer’s guide as a souvenir of your adventure!

Try it for yourself...