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A village of art on the Route des Grandes Alpes

Did you know that Castillon is one of France’s newest villages? Rebuilt after the war in the fifties and following an earthquake, Castillon is a modern village that is also home to many artists. Further enhancing its charm, it features green-shuttered houses and inspiring art galleries.


“What a surprise to discover artists’ studios in this hilltop village! I love to stop there on my way to Sospel and enjoy a delicious homemade lemonade!”


5 great reasons to visit Castillon

It was voted the most beautiful village in France in 1952

An arty village with a wealth of studios and galleries

Its world-renowned rock-climbing cliff

“Le Petit Chateau” heritage of Castillon

Its natural beauty with Natura 2000 status

Must-see Attractions

of Castillon
Rock Climbing in Castillon

Castillon is THE winter rock-climbing area in the region. As it is so hot there, you can only climb from November until March. The first routes were set up by Axel Franco and Philippe Maurel, followed by Pascal Clémenti and Philippe Gatta.


through the mountains

In addition to its rock-climbing area, there are many paths through the mountains that are ideal for discovering magnificent views. If you fancy a walk on the outskirts of the village, you can reach the ruins of its 15th century chapel within an hour. Also explore the Forêt de l’ubac Foran, where the view from the top is simply breathtaking. Alternatively, go from Castillon to Sainte-Agnès along the forest track (which takes about 2 hours one way). This old mule track is an easy walk to follow.

Where to Stay

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