Sospel Vallée de la BévéraSospel Vallée de la Bévéra
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The Bévéra Valley

Through the Bévéra a lush green valley

A lush green valley in the south of Mercantour National Park, it owes its name to the Bévéra river that runs through it. This tributary of the Roya originates in the Authion Massif at an altitude of 2,078 metres.

Vallee De La BeveraVallee De La Bevera
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I loved travelling through the Bévéra Valley, a beautiful green valley with stunning gorges.  We were even able to swim in the river.  You feel like you’re part of nature, and that’s a sure way to relax and unwind!


5 great reasons to visit la Bévéra

A lush green valley, offering a welcome change of scenery, just a few kilometres from Menton and the Mediterranean coast

A major historical fortification between the Authion Trail and Sospel’s various forts.

The legendary Monte Carlo Rally route to the Turin Pass

Remarkable buildings such as Saint-Michel Cathedral in Sospel, a stunning example of Baroque architecture

Notre-Dame de la Menour in Moulinet and its immense flight of steps, often likened to a mini Wall of China


a rural village

Standing at an altitude of 800 metres, the village of Moulinet stretches as far as the Authion and the Col de Turini. This rural village set in woodland, with untamed landscapes, covers a vast area of over 4,000 hectares.


a medieval village

Steeped in history, Sospel is a major junction between the coast and the mountains. This peaceful medieval town is home to buildings featuring trompe l’oeil paintings that bear witness to the area’s distinctive cultural heritage.

Exceptional places

around the Authion Massif