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Storm Alex

Storm Alex: Our Manifesto

Storm Alex struck the Roya Valley among others on October 2nd 2020.

The weather bomb claimed countless victims and caused significant damage. The riverbed will never be the same, it has marked the landscapes forever and locals will never forget it. Community spirit soared in the wake of the storm.

Bouncing back stronger:

A valley striving to revive tourism

A few months later, the valley bounced back stronger and put its all into welcoming visitors in search of an authentic and relaxing destination.
The Train of Wonders is back on track and has been renamed the “lifeline” by locals. Set off from Nice or Sospel on a great escape through beautiful scenery and villages.
The incredible cultural heritage is unspoilt and makes for a fabulous experience whilst visiting the valley.

Our Manifesto

I am a river that turned into a stone field one night in October 2020.
I am a community that was shaken to its core but has never given up.
I am a fountain whose pure water hasn’t stopped flowing.
I am a shepherd’s soul who needs no compassion.
I am a baroque collegiate church, a monastery in the great outdoors, an incredible chapel and other gems of living heritage scattered across the land.
I am the great outdoors, heaven for hikers and its villages.
I am an adventure, in the open air with family or friends.
I am a craftsman whose creative work is meant to be shared.
I am a baker who plies my trade to showcase what makes my bruised village so special.
I am a guide who takes you on paths bursting with myths and legends.
I am a strong and proud valley that needs support but not pity.
I am a community that loves life and the simple things.

The Roya Valley awaits!

#MentonRivieraMerveilles : La Vallée de La Roya vous attend !
#MentonRivieraMerveilles : La Vallée de La Roya vous attend !
#MentonRivieraMerveilles : La Vallée de La Roya vous attend !