Chapelle de la Miséricorde

Chapel of Penitents noirs and la Miséricorde

Historic site and monument, Religious heritage, Chapel, Classified (CMN) in Tende

  • Chapel with the allure of a temple, consecrated in 1675 and dedicated to the Mercy and the Decolouration of Saint John the Baptist but also chapel of the shepherds. Come and admire its baroque bell tower with glazed tiles that dominates the building.

  • The chapel of the Black Penitents is dated from 1675 and dedicated to Saint John the Baptist the Merciful. The organ was built by F. Valoncini in 1800. The steeples are surmounted by an onion dome covered in varnished tiles.


  • All year
    Opened Everyday
    * Ouverte uniquement sur réservation à partir de 10 personnes. Ouverte au public les week-ends de juillet et août.
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