Former barracks

  • Historic site and monument
  • Military Patrimony
  • Abbot's residence (Commanderie)
  • Town of Art & History
  • 19th C
Elevation : 450m
place Giorgi 06540 Saorge
This building was built by French military engineers when Italy joined Germany and Austria in the Triple Alliance hostile to France.
The general staff then built barracks in the villages near the border to house the Alpine troops in charge of its defence. This barracks houses the 25th then the 22nd BCA until the late 1920s. The evolution of armaments and strategy leads to the abandonment of the building.
Bought by the municipality of Saorge, it is renovated and partially occupied by the administrative services of the municipality. The ground floor houses a hall for parties and meetings.
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Former barracks
Elevation : 450m
place Giorgi 06540 Saorge
Spoken languages
  • French
  • Village centre
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