Monument to the Brigasque sheep

  • Historic site and monument
  • Historic patrimony
  • Sculpture
  • Contemporary
  • 21st C
06430 La Brigue
The iron statue is a realistic depiction of a Brigasque ewe, a rare breed from the Franco-Italian mountains. It welcomes you at the entrance to the village.
This iron statue represents a Brigasque ewe. Modest in size, it captures the essence of the animal; a rare breed native to our beautiful Franco-Italian mountains.

The ewe is depicted in a natural posture, with particular attention paid to the details of its dense, curly fleece, characteristic of the breed.

Iron, a robust and timeless material, adds an industrial aspect to the sculpture, contrasting with the softness associated with the animal.

The sculpture of a Brigasque ewe, an...
Monument to the Brigasque sheep
06430 La Brigue
Spoken languages
  • French
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