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Adventure 8Intrigues in La Brigue

Cultural village in the heart of nature

How about a trip back in time? La Brigue is renowned for its rich medieval, baroque and human heritage. Chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Fontaines, Château Lascaris, Collégiale Saint Martin… the non-exhaustive list will put a smile on the faces of history lovers. And walkers won’t be outdone: to reach some of these little marvels, you’ll have to scramble. Nothing insurmountable, La Brigue is first and foremost a land of good living, where people like to take their time.

DurationStartLevelIdeal season
1 dayLa BrigueAccessible to allMarch to October

Why do we love it?

A journey back in time.

Notre-Dame-des-Fontaines, the Sistine Chapel of the Alpes-Maritimes.

Stories, legends and cultural discoveries for children.

Stage 1

Hiking from La Brigue

This morning’s program: a nugget and a treasure. The nugget is the village of La Brigue, nestled in the Roya valley and renowned for its heritage. The treasure is the Chapelle Notre Dame des Fontaines, which you’ll reach on foot. Sunday? There’s nothing better than the market to make up your picnic! This hike on an interpretive trail is fairly well-known, so don’t leave too late. Take the chemin de Saint-Jean past the fire station, then the yellow-marked path at the stadium. Climb gently to the old lime kiln. A few meters further on, you’ll find the road and Notre-Dame-des Fontaines on your right.

Built on the remains of a Pagan temple, overlooking 7 springs, this magnificent chapel is steeped in legend. Inside, 225 square meters of frescoes by Italian painters from Piedmont. A sort of divine comic strip that will fascinate young and old alike. Don’t miss the guided tour. For lunch, picnic on site or return to the village at the Auberge Saint-Martin to try the Cucina Bianca. An astonishing Italian-inspired cuisine using only local, white or lightly-colored ingredients.

Stage 2

Cultural stroll through the village

As you enter the village, you’ll see the collegiate church of Saint-Martin, with its trompe-l’œil facade and soaring Lombard bell tower. Next door, a surprisingly rounded chapel and a fountain with lion heads. Heritage lovers will fall in love with La Brigue at first sight. So take your time. Stroll along the cobbled streets or under the vaulted passageways lining the river. Here, colorful houses with unusual lintels; there, an unusual building housing beehives.

Good to know

The Brigue market takes place every Sunday. Ideal for stocking up on local produce before setting off on your adventure!

A little further on, at the Musée du Patrimoine et des Traditions Brigasques, we take you back to the daily life of days gone by. The original, playful displays showcase the trades and traditions of the time. Don’t leave without discovering the Pont du Coq. A highly original fifteenth-century construction, built… at right angles! But what for? And why the name? According to the experts, the bend was designed to compensate for the difference in soil types between the two banks. The origin of the name, however, is another story…

Small gestures and good reflexes

To limit your impact, stay on the interpretive trail without cutting through the hairpins.

If you’re picnicking, don’t leave any trace of your visit!

The origin of the name Pont du Coq

Once upon a time, a young mason was in charge of building the bridge. Fearing he’d fail, he made a pact with the devil: if the devil managed to finish the bridge before daybreak, he’d give him his soul. But at the end of the night, just before the devil finished his work, the boy’s mother deliberately frightened her rooster into crowing and announcing morning. Goodbye devil, bravo young man and thank you Mum!

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