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Family trip down the Audin canyon

Far more natural than a swimming pool and even more fun than an amusement park, head for the Audin stream. A small paradise hidden in the Roya valley between France and Italy, the Audin canyon (or Fanghetto for the Italians) puts everyone in agreement. Turquoise waters and clear pools for nature lovers, a series of jumps and natural slides for thrill-seekers. Don’t be afraid, it’s accessible to children aged 8 and over.

DurationStartLevelIdeal season
2h30FanghettoEasyBetween June and October

Why do we love it?

A small, easy canyon, from 8 years upwards

Italy nearby

Equipment provided, you can arrive in a bathing suit

Step 1

The approach

We meet you on the Italian side, in Fanghetto. Your guide is waiting for you in the parking lot of the small roadside bar. Wetsuits on your back and helmet on your head, you listen to the safety instructions and off you go for a forty-minute walk in the direction of the canyon. Aleppo pines, fig and olive trees… the 40-minute approach walk along the narrow path that leads to the canyon already sets the mood.

Stage 2

The descent

Back in France, the descent can begin. Right from the start, the limestone rock adheres well and the crystal-clear water allows you to check the depth of the pools. Confidence reigns, and progress is easy. All the jumps can be bypassed, but the children don’t hesitate. Natural slides, dives, waterfalls… the water is around 20 degrees and the vegetation lets in plenty of sunshine. It’s not even cold!

Stage 3

The finish

At the end of the descent, it’s time to unpack and head back to the parking lot in just fifteen minutes. Feeling hungry? Just outside Fanghetto, stop off at the Gasoline bar in Olivetta San Michele. The homemade focaccias and bruschettas will reward your efforts.

Small gestures and good reflexes

I leave no trace of my passage and pick up all my garbage: packaging, tissues, cigarette butts and even peelings.

I avoid disturbing the small invertebrates found in the pebbles, as well as sedimentation zones, smooth areas and certain bank surfaces.

Your guide will show you the areas least likely to be damaged by your passage.

I try to be as discreet as possible in this peaceful environment!


From Nice, take the freeway to Ventimiglia. Head for Col de Tende, Breil-sur-Roya, Cuneo. Your guide will give you details of the meeting point.