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Paragliding experience in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

This winter, you’ll be combining the pleasant with the wonderful. A tandem paragliding experience over a landscape almost too beautiful to be true: that’s what awaits you. Gently, as free as a bird, you’ll soar over the Grande Bleue in every sense of the word. Monaco, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Nice in the distance… The Côte d’Azur sky reveals its most beautiful secrets. Would you like to end this adventure with a swim in 15-degree turquoise water? The Mediterranean has decided to spoil you, so make the most of it!

DurationStartLevelIdeal season
3hCap MartinAccessible to allAutumn / winter only

Why do we love it?

A sea flight in one of Europe’s most beautiful paragliding spots

The magical sensation of flying like a bird

Swimming in water at 15 degrees minimum, even in winter

Stage 1

Head in the clouds

On the platform of the Cap Martin train station, your smiling instructor is waiting to take you to the departure point. In his car, the tension rises a notch: for the first time as for the hundredth, a paragliding flight is an experience like no other!
Above the village of Roquebrune, you reach Mont Gros. In the middle of the garrigue, the instructor carefully briefs and equips you.
Apprehension gives way to excitement: the big moment has arrived. Securely harnessed, you set off on your tandem down the slope, which is gentler than you’d imagined and perfectly laid out. With a determined stride, you race towards freedom. And almost without realizing it, you take flight.

The spectacle is grandiose. The deepening blues merge and contrast with the ochre of the cliffs. The wind rocks you and makes you dance to the rhythm
currents. You savor the silence. You’re not dreaming, you’re flying. Conditions permitting, let yourself go for a bit of aerobatics over the turquoise water.
It’s the only spot on the Côte d’Azur where you can do it!

Stage 2

Feet in the water

Landing on the Golfe Bleu beach in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. The flight ends as gently as it began. Back where we started, but with stars in our eyes.
Little frequented at this time of year, the beach awaits you.
How can you resist the crystal-clear water, the softness of the still-warm pebbles and the wild scenery? After such an expedition in the air, the coolness of the water won’t discourage you. And even in winter, the water is around 15 degrees!

Before heading off to the nearby Roquebrune-Cap-Martin train station, don’t miss a stroll in the surrounding area.
Check out the coastal path that stretches all the way to Menton.
You’ll be able to pinpoint your next stroll and the best spots for lunch or a drink. In just a few minutes, you’ll be walking to the train station, with your eyes filled and your heart lighter than ever.


Small gestures and good reflexes

Bring warm clothes and comfortable sneakers. Even if the weather is fine, the currents in the air are cold.

The best way to get here is still by train. The SNCF train station is close by, and the nearby parking lot is often fully booked.

The right address

For a bite to eat, head for the Local St Michel, right next to the starting point. Fresh air is good for you! You’ll have earned one of their delicious pizzas and focaccias.

Local St-Michel
2 Chemin du Golfe Bleu
04 93 17 47 75

Who to go with?

Azur Parapente
06 80 13 59 15

Roquebrune Cap Martin
06 12 42 17 90
Site :

06 60 72 60 43