Adventure 1Slow Menton

Slow Menton

Switch to airplane mode! Take the time to appreciate Menton from every angle: by (electric) bike and paddle. A morning of gentle pedaling: effortless heights and a collection of viewpoints. Let yourself be guided by your desires, stopping whenever you feel like it. At noon, enjoy a tasting of market produce cooked to perfection. Continue with a stand-up paddle for a magical afternoon on the water: in the middle of the deep blue sea, admire Menton as only birds are used to seeing it.

DurationStartLevelIdeal season
1 dayMentonQuietBetween April and October

Why do we love it?

Slow down and enjoy!

Smooth, effortless travel

A day in nature, close to the elements

Stage 1

Go to the Garavan port to rent your electric bikes. Take advantage of the starter to ride effortlessly up the Boulevard de Garavan: 3km long, it could take you all the way to Italy! Here you can admire the fairytale villas built on the French Riviera by some of the great fortunes of the early 20th century.

Stage 2

Continue on to the old castle cemetery. A strange spot to discover a city? Not really. From up here, the view of the Mediterranean is incredible. Crosses, chapels, Madonnas and little angels huddle against the mountain, perched 78 meters above sea level.

With your eyes filled with blue, head for the green. Head for the Val Rahmeh Botanical Garden, where a guided tour is a must. Palms from Madagascar, coconut palms from Chile, cedars from Java, cherry trees from Brazil… these exceptional plants come from all over the world, but only grow here. Microclimate and exotic atmosphere guaranteed!

Stage 3

Time for a gourmet break at Menton’s Halles market, open every morning. Has the array of local produce made your mouth water? Why not grab a table at Sini to sample the local specialties.

Stage 4

In the afternoon, swap your bike for a paddle. Head for Menton’s nautical center to rent your Stand Up Paddle.

If you’re intimidated by these big boards, don’t panic. Start on your knees to find your balance, then stare at a point far ahead and naturally stand up.

It’s hard to take your eyes off the multicolored facades of the old town right in front of you. Alone in the middle of the bay, Italy beckons. After all, la dolce vita is just a few paddle strokes away. Allow an hour and a half to reach Italian waters.

When you return, you’ll have earned an ice cream and an aperitif with your feet in the sand.

Small gestures and good reflexes

Slow living is about respect and adopting a slower pace for greater fulfillment. Far from being a utopia, slow life is lived through small, common-sense gestures:

  • How about turning off my phone?
  • I leave no trace of my presence.
  • I respect safety instructions: helmet on the bike and life jacket on the paddle.
  • at the market, I prefer local products and bring my tote bag.

After the effort?

After a good swim, head to Plage des Sablettes for a drink by the water in one of the restaurants on the Promenade de la Mer.

Our good addresses

19 Port de Garavan, 06500 Menton
06 26 03 31 37

Restaurant, Chez Sini
7 Rue des Marins,
06500 Menton
04 89 98 71 77

Center nautique de Menton
6 Promenade de la Mer,
06500 Menton
04 93 35 49 70