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The Côte d’Azur's

green lung
Nature in all its glory

Abundant nature, a mosaic of beautiful scenery, outstanding parks, that’s the Côte d’Azur’s green lung. Nature here is bountiful (naturally) and brings you its best… Fragile beauty kept intact the many protected sites with Mercantour National Park the most breath-taking. An incredible playground if you love the great outdoors!

Seaside parks,

amazing places to breathe!

The rich earth and warm climate see an abundance of tropical and subtropical species flourish in seaside parks. Mediterranean species keep them company alongside aquatic plants that bloom in the ponds and canals. There are so many parks here: the medieval garden in Saint-Agnès, outstanding parks and palace grounds in the Menton area plus lemon groves and olive orchards that pepper the landscape with their fruity beauty. Spaces to breathe during your seaside strolls!

Mercantour National Park,

the Roya & Bévéra Valleys’ green haven

Take a deep breath! Can you smell the mountain air? The smell of sap? The sweet aromas of spring blooms? The grassy scent of morning dew? Welcome to Mercantour National Park! Mercantour National Park is the ultimate protected site bursting with incredible biodiversity. It’s home to remarkable flora with rare and native species. The delicate Bertoloni columbine, generous alpine bellflower, single-flowering Fritillaria moggridge, prehistoric rockfoils… The grass is certainly always greener here!

Mountain landscapes,

untapped wealth

The lush and leafy valleys are home to mountain landscapes like nowhere else. Rocks and cliffs dive into the Mediterranean, the ridge line carves its path through the sky, wild and dizzying canyons, crystal-clear waters… These landscapes set the scene for adventure. For nature lovers, families and extreme sports fans… walk this way!