Les BaroquialesLes Baroquiales Dronederegard
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Les BaroQuiales Festival

A celebration of Baroque

Sospel has moved to the beat of Les BaroQuiales Festival every summer for over 20 years in central Bévéra. This cultural event showcases baroque in all its glory. World-renowned artists celebrate the baroque repertoire in outstanding venues such as Sospel Cathedral and its forecourt.

The festival grew

from a passion for showcasing the Roya & Bévéra Valleys’ baroque heritage

Katia Chanson, president of the Roya Bévéra Tourism Development Association, came up with a festival to promote the valleys’ wealth of history and architecture in 1998. The foundation of a baroque-based cultural event came into its own on the baroque route in Sospel. The line-up by Gilbert Bezzina, who directed it for the first six years, and the involvement of local cultural and historical figures made the festival famous nationwide. The festival made a comeback with Silvano Rodi at the helm in 2007. Jean-Sébastien Beauvais has been in charge of artistic direction for two years.

Lifting the lid on the 2021 festival!

We may not know all the details about the 2021 line-up but we do know that it’s happening and three ensembles have already been announced. Good news for baroque music lovers.