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Festival Les BaroQuiales

Baroque in the spotlight

For more than 20 years, in the heart of the Bévéra, Sospel has vibrated every summer to the rhythm of the Festival Les BaroQuiales, a cultural event devoted entirely to Baroque expression. In exceptional venues such as Saint-Michel Cathedral and its forecourt, internationally renowned artists celebrate the Baroque repertoire.

The origins of the festival,

the desire to share the Baroque heritage of the Roya & Bévéra valleys

Born in 1998, on the initiative of Katia Chanson, president of the Roya Bévéra Tourist Development Association, the Festival is rooted in the promotion of the valleys’ rich historical and architectural heritage. In Sospel, on the Baroque route, the creation of a cultural event around the Baroque makes perfect sense. The programming of Gilbert Bezzina, director for the first six years, and the commitment of local cultural and historical players, enabled the festival to establish a national reputation. In 2007, the Festival, which had been temporarily interrupted, was reborn under the direction of Silvano Rodi. For the past two years, Jean-Sébastien Beauvais has been artistic director.


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