Fête Du Citron® à Menton : Jeu de lumières avec les motifs d'agrumes dans les jardins BiovèsFête Du Citron® à Menton : Jeu de lumières avec les motifs d'agrumes dans les jardins Biovès
©Fête Du Citron® à Menton : Jeu de lumières avec les motifs d'agrumes dans les jardins Biovès|Ville de Menton

Major events

Unmissable events

Music, traditions, food & drink… Our towns and villages are full to bursting with cultural events! Celebrate lemons in Menton, watch baroque performances in Sospel, learn about local customs surrounding Brigasca sheep and Tende’s mules… Here are the major events in Menton, Riviera & Merveilles. Definitely not to be missed!

NB: Traditional festivals may be subject to change due to the pandemic and Storm Alex.

Menton Music Festival

Magic happens between the sky and sea

What sets this summer festival apart is its venue: perched over the sea, overlooked by a fabulous baroque church and belltower and cloaked in the starry sky. And that’s not all! The festival has played host to the greatest classical artists in the world for over 70 years. It’s intimate, awe-inspiring, moving and elating with performances by orchestras, top soloists, up-and-comers and operas in the twilight heat. A place as magical as its music…

The Fête du Citron®

The town gets zesty

A one-of-a-kind event that grabs the world’s attention: the Menton Lemon Festival. Soak up this traditional fortnight-long festival day and night. Every February sees thousands of spectators from all over the world flock here to visit the citrus sculptures at Biovès Gardens and watch the amazing floats bursting with lemons and oranges. This is your chance to dive into the history of Menton’s legendary lemon.

Saint‑Eloi Festival

A tribute to the patron saint of mule drivers

The Saint‑Eloi Festival is celebrated in Tende every year in mid-July and lasts two and a half days. It pays tribute to the Tende mule drivers who helped travellers crossing the Col de Tende. It blends traditional dances, farandoles and processions. Sunday sees horses and mules in colourful costumes parade through the village. The procession ends on the collegiate church forecourt for the traditional blessing.

Brigasca Sheep Festival

Celebrating pastoralism and farming

The Brigasca breed is a rustic dairy sheep from La Brigue Valley that’s well-suited to our mountain environment. The day-long Brigasca Sheep Festival in the village of La Brigue celebrates local, farming and artisan produce. It seeps you in a farming world and makes the connection between farming and food. Don’t miss the farmer’s market, animal fair, petting zoo and party with a brass band and ball.

Traditional festivals

Traditions through the ages

Soak up local life! There are lots of other festivals and celebrations that are integral to our heritage and bring our villages to life. Whether they celebrate their medieval past (La Brigue Medieval Festival etc.), Roman background (the snail procession in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin etc.) or their land (Lavender Festival in Sainte-Agnès, Chestnut Festival in Sospel and Tende etc.), they all capture a magical moment where you can experience local life and the pride villagers have in their traditions.