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Naturalist hikes

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Fancy uncovering the incredible biodiversity that calls our area’s natural settings home? Menton, Riviera & Merveilles is full of stunning natural treasures which our guides would love to introduce you to. Join them and explore paths, valleys, forests and mountains to learn about these environments and their ecosystems. Whether with the family or a group, for a day or weekend, on an introductory hike or foraging class, these naturalist experiences are for anyone with a love for nature and life.

Our guides:

a passion for sharing knowledge and time

Alain, Camille, Julien, Marco, Clarisse and Luc are mountain instructors, naturalist guides and ethnobotanists who love sharing their knowledge and local expertise with you. They pass on their advice and teach you about protecting fragile wild species in a friendly atmosphere where the entire group can enjoy good times together.



A huge part of naturalist hikes is observing the surrounding wildlife through your binoculars. And in an area blending Mediterranean and mountain influences, the least we can say is that it’s cosmopolitan. When it comes to the French Riviera, you’ll undoubtedly meet the most animal species at Mercantour National Park (8744 are listed here!), including some that you won’t find anywhere else in the world…


Join your guide in the camouflaged shelter of the observatories and look out for the golden eagle with its gilded dark brown plumage, the intrepid Alpine ibex and its mythical horns, the bearded vulture with its 2.8m wingspan and even the wolf that lives in the Mercantour forests and mountain pastures. Naturally, don’t frighten or disturb them.

Forage to fork


Staying on the eye-opening theme, you could experience a “foodie” break unearthing all of nature’s edible bounty. Spring salads, summer leaves and roots, autumn fruit… Hundreds of unknown or forgotten plants and flavours to tickle your tastebuds.

The guide will teach you to use your senses to recognise edible plants along the way. Together, the group will use age-old foraging skills. Your baskets will be full of fruit, flowers and roots. Learn how to cook them then tuck into a 100% local and home-cooked meal!

Bushcraft weekend

with your family

Have fun with next to nothing but learn with all ten fingers: make a bow and arrows, design natural jewellery, make fire without matches and other activities to introduce you to the wonderful world of bushcraft. It also helps build communication, teamwork and cooperation skills. Character-building!

To reach the Roya Valley
  • Roya Valley Access

    Having been severely impacted by Storm Alex, the Roya Valley and its villages are now ready to welcome you this summer! Road and rail links have been developed to offer you the best possible experience.

    Roya Valley Access