La Turbie Panorama Trophée AugusteLa Turbie Panoramique Trophee Auguste Pierre Behar
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La Turbie

A taste of Rome on the French Riviera

A lovely, sunny day is the perfect time to visit the stunning village of La Turbie. Overlooking Monaco, it seems to be almost floating in the sky, crowned by the gigantic Trophy of Augustus (standing 35 m high!). Discover this charming village, a testimony to its glorious Roman past. Don’t forget to look up, as there are plenty of surprising architectural details to be discovered…

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“La Turbie is a village perched above the Mediterranean. The huge Trophy of Augustus is a reminder of the Romans’ past grandeur. Standing on the hills above Monaco, the Tête de Chien (Dog’s head) offers an incredible panoramic view over the French Riviera! Don’t miss seeing the spectacular sunrise. A magical moment!”


5 great reasons to visit La Turbie

The magnificent Trophy of Augustus, standing 35m high

The clear views over the Mediterranean

To walk the legendary Via Julia Augusta

Unforgettable coastal hikes

The Grande Corniche Park and its stunning vistas

Must-see Attractions

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The Trophy of Augustus

A monument in memory of Augustus

Unique in its size and historical importance, the Trophy of Augustus is a National Monument. It is one of the architectural wonders of the Alpes-Maritimes. A symbol of victory, the trophy was erected over 2,000 years ago, in honour of Augustus, the great conqueror of the Ligurians of the Alps. Built on the Alpis Summa, the frontier between Gaul and Italy and a strategic point along the Via Julia Augusta, it celebrates the power of the Roman Empire.

Walking Trails

with a view!

Head for the Grande Corniche Park, a green area spanning over 660 hectares. The extraordinary view from here includes the entire coastline, from Italy to the Estérel, as well as the mountains up to Mercantour.

The Via Alpina is the most well-known of the hikes that cross the village (1 hour 30 min round trip). This international route is a real link between 8 countries including Monaco, France, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and Slovenia.  The trail takes you across borders over 60 times!

But the most spectacular view of the French Riviera is probably the one from the Tour de la Tête de Chien. The view from the top is as close as you can get to Monaco, with Cap Martin and the Italian coast in the distance, and a superb vista of Cap Ferrat on the other side. To hike there, the route starts in the pine forest and you then follow the wooden panels for 4.9 kilometres (a 2-hour round trip).


Where to Stay

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