Notre Dame De La Menour Moulinet @Isabelle FabreNotre Dame De La Menour Moulinet @Isabelle Fabre
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A village of untamed landscapes

Moulinet used to be described as “Switzerland by the sea”, highlighting its wonderful scenery and mild climate throughout the summer months. Its beauty and picturesque character are beyond compare. The forests, streams and cooler temperatures in summer are a real attraction for those in search of rest and relaxation. A small green oasis in the midst of chestnut, oak, beech, fir and larch trees.


Discovering Notre Dame de la Menour is like walking along a mini Wall of China. The route to reach it is also stunning. An absolute must-see!


5 great reasons to visit Moulinet

A stage of the famous Monte Carlo Rally

The exceptional Authion hiking trail

An array of sports and leisure activities on offer

The splendid chapel Notre Dame de la Menour

Turini and Camp d’Argent ski resorts


In Cabanes Vieilles, crumbling barracks remind us of the brutal fighting of 1945. Now overgrown, they provide a picturesque view, with a Stuart tank seemingly sitting on a blanket of green.

The Authion Trail

and its Forts

Overlooking the surrounding valleys, this is a beautiful walk, steeped in history. Open to road traffic from May to November, the route can be accessed on foot, by bike or by car. In winter, you can explore the area on snowshoes in the magical atmosphere of snow-covered fir trees. This unusual hike provides an opportunity to discover the tragic battles that took place there up until liberation in April 1945.