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Which hike is right for you in Menton, Riviera & Merveilles?

TEST : Which hike is right for you in Menton, Riviera & Merveilles?

Looking for a breath of fresh air? Menton, Riviera & Merveilles is a paradise for nature-lovers, whether you’re looking for a bucolic break or a grand adventure! Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned hiker, a sports enthusiast or a lover of gentle strolls, there are itineraries to suit every taste. And when it comes to panoramic views, you’re spoilt for choice! Seashores, green valleys, mountains and lakes: are you curious to know how to explore them? Take our quiz to discover your perfect hike!

Ready to go?

Let’s go for a 100% rando test!

When hiking, what’s the most common thing you’ll find in your backpack?

🥾 A camera, to capture pretty memories.

🚲 A mini-pump, so you don’t lose your pedals.

🗺 Binoculars, to better observe the Alpine ibex frolicking about.

🌱 A notebook and drawing pad to create your own memories.

For you, hiking is above all :

🥾 Taking time to contemplate the landscape.

🚲 Challenging yourself with a sporting challenge.

🌱 Discover the flora and fauna around you.

🗺 Visit symbolic sites.

Your favorite song is :

🚲 À bicyclette – Yves Montand.

🥾 La ballade des gens heureux – Gérard Lenorman.

🌱 La montagne – Jean Ferrat.

🗺 Walking on a Dream – Empire of the Sun.

If you’re taken to a restaurant, you’d rather have:

🚲 Something gourmet.

🌱 Something exotic.

🥾 Something traditional.

🗺 Something simple but sophisticated.

Your ideal weekend in Menton, Riviera & Merveilles is :

🌱 Exploring the superb gardens.

🥾 Making crepes on the beach.

🚲 Discovering small perched villages.

🗺 Organize a city trip to Menton.

As a child, you were :

🚲 A daredevil, jumping at the slightest mischief.

🌱 Top of the class, getting the best grades.

🗺 Reserved, preferring to go about your business.

🥾 Leader, to find the best ideas for activities with friends.

It’s time for results!


Have you counted your 🌱, 🥾, 🚲, 🗺?

Then it’s time to find out which hike is right for you in Menton, Riviera & Merveilles!

You have a maximum of 🥾…

…Let’s get hiking!

With its varied terrain, Menton, Riviera & Merveilles is a real playground for hikers like you, whatever your level! Between land and sea, the famous “le Corbusier” coastal path and its superb Belle Époque villas are a dream for the whole family. For total relaxation, head for the Roya and Bévéra valleys in the mountains, for a walk to the rhythm of birdsong and the scent of lavender. Or maybe you’d prefer an adventure in the high mountains, between high altitude lakes, rock engravings and encounters with the chamois and roe deer that populate the Mercantour natural park!

You have a maximum of 🚲…

…Let’s go for a bike ride!

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because your love of two wheels has brought you here! Menton, Riviera & Merveilles is the ideal destination for seasoned cyclists and mountain bikers in search of new discoveries. If you’re a thrill-seeker, get on your road bike or mountain bike and take on the mountain and its secrets. Punctuated by picnic breaks, visits and swimming, the ride is all the more enjoyable!

And if the little ones want to pedal too, you should know that the adventure is going to be complicated… The very rugged terrain is not suitable for them, so opt for a walk instead!

You have a maximum of 🌱…

…Let’s go hiking with a naturalist guide!

You’re driven by natural curiosity (literally!)! To satisfy your thirst for discovery, we suggest you go hiking with a naturalist guide! All you have to do is observe the vegetation around you, and follow his expert advice. Perhaps you’ll even get the chance to cook what you’ve picked? And don’t forget to look up to admire the superb landscapes of the Mercantour National Park!

You have a maximum of 🗺…

…Let’s get hiking on the GR!

Are you drawn to the great outdoors? Then we’ve got a date with you on one of our destination’s four Grande Randonnée trails! Between the Balcons de la Méditerranée and the Panoramique du Mercantour, will you prefer views of azure waters or mountain landscapes? Or maybe you’d prefer to hike the 8 valleys or take a cross-country tour of the Mercantour! Don’t forget your camera – there’s a wonderful array of landscapes waiting for you here.

And if you get a perfect tie between several options, all you have to do is choose the one that suits you best (or better still, test them all without moderation)!